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Monday, 9 July 2007

A Flag Comes of Age

As a proud Red Ensigner, I ask the following: How many ramp ceremonies will it take before we can say the maple leaf flag has come of age? Canada has now suffered hundreds of casualties in Afghanistan (four more today) and has the second highest number of combat fatalities (six more last week) after the United States. Tens of thousands of Canadians died while fighting for King and Country under the Red Ensign, which is why we must never depart from it. But the maple leaf flag is becoming a glorious symbol in its own right, and its time we traditionalists begin awakening to it.

Inspired by the art of classical antiquity, Silvia Pecota created this image entitled, "Pro Patria", (For Country) as an allegory.

Canada is represented by a young, noble figure standing on a solid rock separating two oceans, symbolic of our national motto, "A Mari Usque Ad Mare" (From Sea To Sea).

No matter how many storms we, as Canadians must endure, we will stand "strong and free".

This image was initially printed as a postcard and dedicated to our soldiers, sailors and aircrew who have placed themselves in harm's way in the service of peace.


Matt Bondy said...

Quite right.

When you mention we 'traditionalists' ' favour of the Red Ensign, it is of paramount importance to name those things with which we assocate the ensign; our growing national autonomy (whilst maintaining fraternal and indeed constitutional ties with the Empire & Commonwealth), our valiant efforts through two world wars and korea, and those institutions which have historically defined Canada - including the Crown.

As Canada re-introduces itself to the world as an advocate for liberty and a participant in the West's calm but resolute struggle against the threats presented by global radical Islam, the Maple Leaf will slowly but surely be a symbol of our devotion to the nation and the ideals - ideals from which we've been estranged, thanks to successive governments playing house all over our country's history.

The Maple Leaf forever, indeed.


WLindsayWheeler said...

" the service of peace"?

Perpetual peace, universal peace is socialist doctrine and ideology. That "Life is War" is Western Culture. Read David Bell, "Total War" and this new idea of "perpetual peace" has caused war to change into a very brutal and total war.

No traditionalist or conservative would say any soldier died "in the service of peace". Soldiers die for their countries. But I digress, Canadian soldiers are in Afganistan and in Iraq for the Socialist idea of bringing the Marxist/Neocon agenda of Globalization/Peace to the Middle East.

Beaverbrook said...

A soldier who experiences war up close values peace more than the most fervent peacenik. The aim of war is victory, for only victory in the face of barbarism can ensure a lasting peace. That's what we mean when we say war in the service of peace.

Splendor Sine Occasu said...

Uhh...last I checked, the Canadian military is not currently serving in Iraq...

Anonymous said...

Not serving in Iraq, as it was one of Harper's election pledges; but cunningly running up troop numbers in Af'stan to free up Yankees for Iraq.

But anyway, the postcard.... I really don't want to be disrespectful, chaps, but can I be the only one who thought it screamed "Playboy Does Patriotism"? The figure of Britannia on the back of our 50p has a flag but also some clothes...


Matt Bondy said...

The gal in the picture was indeed curiously hot...

Not that I'm complaining...

Greg Benton said...

I agree with the sentiments expressed. The Maple Leaf flag ought to be respected for the blood which has been sacrificed by those who have served under it.
It will forever remain a symbol of their patriotism and duty as well as for the country that it represents.

It is unfortunate that the same flag that drapes the fallen soldier continues to also be used by many in authority as a symbol of rejection for the country, the symbols, the institutions and heritage that preceded it's existence.

When Lester Pearson unveiled the Maple Leaf flag in 1964-65, he didn't simply announce 'Canada's new national flag' but said that it is a 'new flag for a new Canada'; the implication being that 'old Canada' somehow was no longer worthy of our patriotism and duty.

This is a very difficult proposition for anyone who knows otherwise. It is one thing to say that we've 'moved on' from our British past and quite another to denigrate that heritage whilst hiding behind the 'new flag'.

As generations pass, and the 'new Canada' becomes even more deeply entrenched in it's erasure of Canada's past, this will be largely forgotten. Indeed, I expect it already has by most.

The shameless pursuit of some, however, does not in any way, distill the magnficence of those who have served and for whom that flag represents other than what it was, in very large part, unfortunately designed to achieve from its beginning and where so many, most now gone, were made to feel as foreigners in their own land.

Beaverbrook said...

Well said, GB. I believe the Union Flag and the appropriate Red Ensign should fly alonside the Canadian Flag over all cemeteries where men fought and died under those flags. There's something dishonourable and inauthentic about the Maple Leaf supplanting those colours under which men gallantly met their fate.

Cato, I would say the female image is borderline. I see more classical antiquity than playboy depiction. It's a close call.

Josh said...

"hundreds of casualties"
Ummmm this would be incorrect, the number of fallen soldiers is around 60 (I don't remember the exact number) and one diplomat not hundreds as you so claim.

The Monarchist said...

Ummm casualties means more than fatalities, of which there have been 66 in Aftsan. While I have no estimates on this, one can logically surmise that far more have been injured than killed.